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Terms and Conditions

The Nitty Gritty of the travel industry is that we cannot always be 100% sure that nature will play along with the fun!!
We reserve the right to change the vehicles, hotels, accommodation, meals, travel plans, etc. without prior notice, to the available alternative, without responsibility, provided that the purpose and the result of the trip / tour remain similar to the described travel offer. In the case of such a change, under no circumstances will refunds be made by us.
Here's the Reason

Asking Why?

Tours in Africa can always change due to weather or other forces of nature or unforeseen circumstances. In the case of accommodation there may no longer be rooms available due to fire, floods or other reasons.

We will always do our best to keep your tour/trip as similar to your original itinerary as humanly possible while dealing with such circumstances.

Terms and Conditions – GTC – South Africa Tours throughout Africa

Keeping safety in mind...

Responsibility Clause

We act as an intermediary when buying tours and we are not liable for any injury, damage, loss, death, unexpected delays or irregularities during the tours or damage to vehicles, for any reason, by acts of persons, during the trip except gross negligence. The customer hereby assumes all risk of damages incurred during such a tour, including theft. You should at all times take care of your valuables as this is your own responsibility. 

Not from SA?

VISA and Entry Requirements

Please contact your embassy for the necessary passport and visa well in advance. We are not liable for any delay or refusal of entry as a result of the traveler not meeting the conditions for entry set by the competent immigration authorities. We would like to point out that children need an English-language birth certificate to enter South Africa. NOTE: The English-language birth certificate may not be a copy! If you enter South Africa from Kenya or any other African country, you will need a valid yellow fever vaccine.

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Jurisdiction and Contract Law

The contract with Ritztrade Business Exchange CC is governed by South African law. Jurisdiction for complaints against Ritztrade International by the customer is Cape Town. Ritztrade International’s actions against the Lessee shall be governed by its domicile, unless the action is directed against registered traders or persons who have no general place of jurisdiction in their home country or against persons who have transferred their place of residence or habitual residence abroad, or whose domicile or habitual residence is not known at the time the complaint is brought. In these cases, the place of jurisdiction is Cape Town.